Events are the core gameplay mechanics in Horrific Housing. Events will begin as soon as the players spawn into the playing field with their houses and will continue to occur, one event after another until there is only 1 player left and the round ends.

Events can affect players, houses and terrain in both positive and negative ways. On a few occasions, they will also reward a gear.

List of event categories

Event Description
Special/Global events These are events that happen at certain times of the year, for holidays or just as an event in general, they have a 3% chance of occurring and have a different appearance on the event board. The letters are a bit bigger and they are colored. Most of them are no longer in the game, and some that are here no longer give the rewards they used to (for an example the murder mystery event which used to give the knife pet but no longer does so).
Plate Events Plate events are those that affect your house or plate. If it affects your house it could be a shop, flood escape, bank. But if it affects your plate it could be ice or just make it bigger. Those are just examples and there are more than that.
Avatar Morph Events Avatar morph events affect your avatar. They can make you into a penguin, abomination, pickle rick. One that stands out from them is the hot dog event. It gives you a hot dog which categorizes it in the item events section, but also in this one because it makes you a bit wider/fatter.
Item Events These events give you special items. Whether if they're deadly light sabers or a simple ice cream. If you have 3 of any items you can forge a sword on a working anvil. It's similar to the light saber because of the damage.
Statistic Altering Events

Boosting events give you boosts. They can be speed boosts, jump boosts or regeneration boosts. But they can also be the opposite of boosts. For an example the potion can give you a buff/boost or a debuff such as not being able to jump or being slowed down.

Miscellaneous events Events that are unique and cannot fit into other categories.
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