🏠 is a game of luck where players will be subjected to bizarre events, natural disasters and other unusual occurrences.


2 players are needed to start the game, but up to 12 can enter the playing area. There is a 15-second intermission between games, so players can prepare for the next round. It's also worth considering that you also have time to get ready while the previous round is in progress.

When the next round starts, all players present will be teleported into the playing area. The playing area consist of up to 12 houses maximum. Each player will be in front of their own personal house when the game starts.

Once in the game, players will be subjected to a variety of randomized events, each event giving an item, modifying their statistics or give a defection of a sort. The goal of it is to be the last player alive. Once the last player survives the final event, the game will end and a new one will begin in 15 seconds unless enough players are not in the server.

The winner will receive experience (which fills the level bar), some coins and any other items corresponding to their level or status. This includes eggs and pets.

You can identify who wins when a green message appears in the chat log, stating that [Player] has won. Each victory and death message is completely random, and players should hear a victory audio play in the background.

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