The Christmas Update 2019 is the second annual Christmas themed update to Horrific Housing. The update was spread out over 16 days, from 9 to 25 December. Every day a new event would be added beginning from 9th. Over the course of these days, a new lobby, gifts and shop changes were brought about, including the introduction of Game Modes.


A total of 15 events were added during the course, 8Plate Events, 3 Item Events, 2 Global Events, 1 Miscellaneous Event and 1 Avatar Morph Event.

List of Added Events in Order

  • 12/8: 'A blaze will tear the house to the ground' (Plate Event)
  • 12/9: 'Somebody need to put out a fire?' (Item Event)
  • 12/10: 'Two plates will swap location.' (Plate Event)
  • 12/11:  'The world is shrouded in darkness' (Global Event)
  • 12/12: 'A friendly campfire has appeared.' (Plate Event)
  • 12/13: 'It's raining tacos!' (Plate Event)
  • 12/14: 'Blizzard!' (Global Event)
  • 12/15:  'A plate has been trapped in a giant snowglobe' (Plate Event)
  • 12/16: 'Get ready for a snowball fight!!!' (Global Event)
  • 12/17: 'Someone will get an explosive mine' (Item Event)
  • 12/18: 'A delicate bee hive has been discovered' (Plate Event)
  • 12/19: 'Someone will be bombarded with ads' (Miscellaneous Event)
  • 12/20:  'Someone's house is an igloo' (Plate Event)
  • 12/21: 'A mysterious gift has appeared...' (Plate Event)
  • 12/22: 'Somebody will get a delicious candy cane' (Item Event)
  • 12/23: 'Somebody will become baby yoda' (Avatar Morph Event)

Ornaments and Furniture


Image Obtained by
Sleigh Ornament
Winter Chest
Snowman Ornament
Winter Chest
Candy Canes Ornament
Candy Canes.PNG
Winter Chest
Wreath Ornament
Christmas Gift
Snowday Ornament
Snow Day.PNG
Christmas Gift
Fireplace Furniture
Winter Chest
Snowglobe Furniture
Winter Chest

House Color/Material

Name Image Description How to obtain
Candy Cane Material
Candy Cane.PNG
Winter Chest
Gingerbread Material
Winter Chest


Name Image Obtained by Alignment Special
Ice Bear
Ice Bear.PNG
Winter Chest Air Snow Particles


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