A variety of audio was used in the making of Horrific Housing .

List of Audio in Horrific Housing

Below is a list of music, sound effects and other noises present in Horrific Housing.

Audio Type Sound id
Acid Rain Music Global Event 1842654102
Acid Rain Global Event 236148388
Murder Mystery Global Event 1842522056
Snowman Boss Fight Theme Boss Fight 1837768323
Epik Duck Beep Boss Fight 1403257129
Epik Duck Bong Boss Fight 1846897140
Epik Duck Died Boss Fight 1508145921
Epik Duck Duck Died Boss Fight 165969964
Evil Duck Boss Fight 1847516428
Epik Duck Explosion Boss Fight 262562442
Epik Duck Music Boss Fight 961659960
Thanos Music 1 Global Event 1270184446
Thanos Music 2 Global Event 1836715403
Thanos Sad Music Global Event 1838824559
Bunny Fight Music 1 Boss Fight 849491486
Bunny Fight Music 2 Boss Fight 1837807891
Bunny Bot Boss Fight 1842360200
Trick or Treat Global Event 1842877772
Pumpkingeist Explosion Boss Fight 821439273
Pumpkingeist Theme 1 Boss Fight 1837467198
Pumpkingeist Theme 2 Boss Fight 1837824992
Pumpkingeist Hurt

(Chorus Sound Effect Added in Actual Game)

Boss Fight 3495630912
Pumpkingeist Laugh

(Chorus and Distortion Sound Effects Added in Actual Game)

Boss Fight 3281416626
Flee The Facility Removed Event 579315881
Skeletons Plate Event 304647069
Snowball Fight Global Event 1841446876
Wolf Consume Avatar Event 179303694
Wolf Paranoia (Spook) Avatar Event 429412500
Antidote Drink Item Event 3583411622
Anvil Hit Plate Event 223148658
Anvil Forge Plate Event 1843115984
Collide SFX Item Event 357622136
Equip SFX Item Event 12222225
Player Hit SFX Item Event 610327604
Swing SFX Item Event 1306070008
Area 51 Explosion Plate Event 262562442
Area 51 Ambience Plate Event 859169829
Area 51 Music Plate Event 3539890494
Famas Fire Item Event 165946283
Famas Reload 1 Item Event 142491708
Famas Reload 2 Item Event 144798533
Famas Reload 3 Item Event 177266782
Bloxy Award Cheer Item Event 1869741275
Bloxy Cola Effect Item Event 138259748
Bloxy Cola Voice Line Item Event 10722059
Chill Music Avatar Event 698725123
Creeper Hiss Avatar Event 907668984
Creeper Explode Avatar Event 2011915907
Disco Ball Removed Event 142401311
Duel Sound Effect Plate Event 138157709
Egg Appear Plate Event 334550910
On Fire Avatar Event 1255899201
Freeze Avatar Event 268249319
Eat Hotdog Item Event 179303694
Ice Cream Item Event 57723734
Icy Plate Plate Event 268249319
Illumina Click Plate Event 1093835529
Illumina SFX Plate Event 2011915907
Use Jetpack Avatar Event 260131485
Lazor Avatar Event 130777415
Ads Popup Player Event 584533998
Ads Windows XP Player Event 2191007323
Minecraft Sword Item Event 535690488
Minecraft Death Death Effect 2830283353
Pickle Rick Voice Line Avatar Event 849491486
Robbery Plate Event 1839797388
Lightning Crackle Plate Event 133426162
Lightning Explde Plate Event 821439273
Sans Music Player Event 348208939
Sans Talk Player Event 3207084143
Sans Death Death Effect 4216530338
Chest Music Music 1839746489
Victory SFX 130834939
Power Up SFX 342472438
Lobby Music (Regular) Music 235773805
Lobby Music (Halloween) Music 1841063103
Lobby Music (Winter) Music 1838667030
Vending Machine SFX 3427419071
Keycard Pick Up SFX 342472438
Ping (Catapult "Boss Fight") Boss Fight 690607937
I Has A Bucket SFX 25078999
Stealing Bucket SFX 25081122
Pop SFX 111124523
Hive Bees Buzz Pet SFX 3316385402
Phoenix Pet SFX 90731208
Oof Pet SFX 2499538643
Duck Quack Pet SFX 464979976
Bloxy Cola Slurp Pet SFX 10722059
Volcano Eruption Pet SFX 3245334797
Doot Pet SFX 3128007408


  • The lobby music changes with each seasonal event.
  • When a player wins a game a victory sound effect plays. The victory sound effect is originally from the Cave Story victory sound effect made by Pixel.
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