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Horrific Housing is a Roblox Game that was created by CookieScript formally released to everyone on June 27th, 2015. The game is based off plates of fate, but with houses and memes. The point of the game is to survive and be the last person standing!

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Recent Update that occurs with this game can be found here.

As for Legacy Updates, this page has been discontinued but will remain here if anyone is interested in the history of it.

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Official Links About
Discord The official community server for horrific housing and other games created by cookie entertainment. You'll also have a chance to get notified if a new update drops.
Trello A place where you can find even more old historical info about events, pets and more! If you like to become an editor for this page. Join the community server for more information.
Roblox Group Another group created by Cookiescript. (or for those who love cookies)