Below are all the updates that had happened to Horrific Housing beginning from the Summer update 2019. This page is user-recorded so it may not be completely accurate.

Date Released Name Description Thumbnail(s)
3/28/2020 Daily Rewards Update
  • Added the events:
    • Safety net
    • Katana
    • Life steal
  • Added Daily rewards and daily log in points.
  • Added a server message that tells how many votes the winning round type got.
2/21/2020 February Event a day: Day 7 The final day of the February Event a day event
  • Added daily gamemode: Town
2/20/2020 February Event a day: Day 6
  • Added premium rewards and a premium rewards chest that gives 25 tokens a day
  • Added daily gamemode: Line
  • Added “[✨ Premium rewards]” to the title
2/19/2020 February Event a day: Day 5
  • Changed the scattered gamemode to be randomly scattered both vertically and horrizontally
  • Added daily gamemode: Stacked
  • Added “[New Game Mode]” to the title and removed “🔥+” from the title
  • Fixed rapid mode. 

2/18/2020 February Event a day: Day 4
  • Added “🔥+” to the title of the game
  • Added daily gamemode: Rapid
  • Added ability to vote for the gamemode
  • Added 2 new pets
2/17/2020 February Event a day: Day 3
  • Added "🔥" to the title of the game
  • Added daily gamemode: Lava
2/16/2020 February Event a day: Day 2
  • Added “[⭐️ Event a day!]” to the title of the game
  • Added daily event : One player will start shrinking
2/15/2020 New Modes
  • Added a new 1 HP gamemode
  • Added another event a day

The Update Information box that greets a player upon joining.

2/14/2020 Valentine's Day Update
  • Added '❤️" to the title of the game
  • Added the ornament, 'Heart Balloons' which can be gifted to another player or the buyer themself for 200 Tokens.

    The message box that appeared to players on joining.

2/2/2020 Snowman Boss removal Removed Snowman Boss.
2/2/2020 February Update
  • Replaced snow map with remastered grass map and lobby. 

    The notification players received upon joining during this update.

  • Added 2 new events (Guardian Angel and Gas Attack).
  • Added 3 new Ornaments.
  • Accidentally re-added Snowman Boss
1/6/2020 Boss Removal The boss was removed from the game.
1/3/2020 Boss Patch The Snowman Boss could be damaged as of this update.
1/1/2020 Winter Boss Update Added the Snowman Boss.
Gameicon BOSS
12/31/2019 New Year's Update The New Year's Gift, which comes with a fireworks ornament and +100 tokens.
12/9-24/2019 Daily Christmas Events
  • 12/8: Added daily event; 'A blaze will tear the house to the ground' (Plate Event).
  • 12/9: Added daily event; 'Somebody need to put out a fire?' (Item Event)
  • 12/10: Added daily event; 'Two plates will swap location.' (Plate Event)
  • 12/11: Added daily event; 'The world is shrouded in darkness' (Global Event)

Chat bubbles had returned in this update.

  • 12/12:
    • Added daily event; 'A friendly campfire has appeared.' (Plate Event)
    • Emotes were also fixed in this update.
  • 12/13: Added daily event; 'It's raining tacos!' (Plate Event)
  • 12/14: 
    • Added a Winter themed lobby
    • Replaced disappearing spleef tiles with falling ice tiles
    • All players that join are given 2 gifts, the Christmas Gift and the New year's Gift
    • Added daily event ('Blizzard!')
    • Added a '❄️' infront of the game's title.
    • Added winter themed music
    • Replaced plate textures from grass to snow.
    • Added Eggs to the shop for 200 Tokens and House Chest for 400 Tokens.
  • 12/15: Added daily event; 'A plate has been trapped in a giant snowglobe' (Plate Event)
  • 12/16: Added daily event; 'Get ready for a snowball fight!!!' (Global Event)
  • 12/17: Added daily event; 'Someone will get an explosive mine' (Item Event)
  • 12/18:
    • Added daily event; 'A delicate bee hive has been discovered' (Plate Event)
    • Re added Sans event. Sans' pre-fight dialogue was slightly changed near the end.
  • 12/19: Added daily event; 'Someone will be bombarded with ads' (Miscellaneous Event)
  • 12/20: Added daily event; 'Someone's house is an igloo' (Plate Event)
  • 12/21: Added daily event; 'A mysterious gift has appeared...'
  • 12/22: Added daily event; 'Somebody will get a delicious candy cane'
  • 12/23:
    • Added daily event; 'Somebody will become baby yoda'
    • Added Baby Yoda pet for 250 Tokens.
  • 12/24: 
    • Added Game Modes
    • Added Winter Chests
    • Opened the Christmas Gift

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  • Page 5/5
  • Page 1/4 of the in game Update Log on 12/15
  • Page 2/4 of the in game Update Log
  • Page 3/4 of the in game Update Log
  • Page 4/4 of the in game Update Log

Mugshot for 12/9-15


12/15- present

12/6/2019 Return The game was finally available to play. This update notably removed the sans event and the galaxy themed skybox. Emotes had also broken in this update. Chat bubbles were also removed from this update.
11/25/2019 Review The game was put under review for a quote in the Sans fight.
11/24/2019 Galaxy Update This Update included several changes under the theme 'galaxy'

  • 3 new events
  • 1 Diamond Pet
  • Galaxy Material
  • Purchasing 600 tokens giving additional 400 for a limited time.
  • Free UFO ornament.
26/10/19 Halloween Update This Update is a Halloween themed update which includes:

  • A redecorated lobby, featuring a spleef zone, halloween lanterns and gravestones.
  • Temporary night time
  • New events (see page for more information)
22/9/19 Furniture Update This Update includes:

  • New furniture category
  • New events
  • New ornaments
21/8/19 2019 Summer Event The Summer Update for 2019 contained:

  • 5 pets
  • 7 ornaments
  • 1 boss
  • lobby redecoration
  • summer themed playing field
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