This page contains a list of punishable offenses, regulations and other related information about this wiki. Please read through all of it so you do not get warned or banned.


Minor Offenses

The offenses below will result in a warn. If 5 warnings were received, a block will be issued.

Not complying with the editing requirements.

Please read through the page before moving on.

Disrespecting another user.

The use of insults is not tolerable here. Disputes should be resolved by contacting a staff member or trying to agree on something with the other user. Insults merely worsens the problem


This is a roblox wiki so to match with the age group on roblox, swearing is not tolerated.

Intermediate Offenses

Offenses below will result in a block from 1h-1w

Attacking users

This includes going to another user's profile to insult them, mentioning how bad another user is on an article and trying to irritate a user by any other means.

Purposely going off topic in an article

This includes changing images to unrelated ones, adding useless information and categories.

Creating useless pages

Creating pages about unrelated content, personal groups or minor details of the game can be considered as creating a useless page.

5th Warn

The staff will not warn you forever and you must learn to comply with the guidelines. Every 3rd warn after the 5th will result in a block, each getting more severe.

Severe Offenses

These offenses result in an immediate and permanent block.


Changing images, text and other features at a rapid rate with the intention of ruining the wiki.

5th Block

We cannot give infinite chances to you.

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